Wool Felt Instructions

Instructions To Achieve Sherpa Feel:


1. Wet WoolFelt® completely in a sink or basin. Do not rub or agitate. Wet each color separately (some dye may be released into the water - this is normal).

2. Squeeze by hand to remove as much water as possible. Avoid
wringing as it may stretch the material.

3. Place in a standard tumble clothes dryer on regular setting until
WoolFelt® is nearly dry (approximately 35 minutes). Do not over
dry. Dry light colors separately from darker colors. Colors may
change slightly during drying process.

4. Lay flat to dry completely, smoothing fabric gently by hand. Large wrinkles may be removed by using a light steam iron held just above the surface of the fabric. Return felt to its original form by pressing with a steam iron.

Results may vary. Because WoolFelt® contains 20% wool in WCF001 and 35% wool in TOY002, some shrinkage will occur during this process. Across a 36" wide swatch, there may be a loss of 2-4 inches. In length, the fabric may lose 3-5 inches per yard. To avoid future shrinkage upon completion, dry cleaning is recommended.